About Me

Hi, all! My name is Gretchen. I’m a photographer and avid music lover. I fell in love with photography and videography in middle school when I would take my mom’s Sony Mavica camera (it took a floppy disk as its memory!) and have a field day with it. I have since upgraded several times and have found myself in love with concert photography. As a regular concert goer, I love how energetic the musicians are. Photographs allow us to capture a moment and freeze it in time; when we look back on them, we remember the exact moment and what we were feeling. I love that.

When I’m not learning all I can about photography techniques and acquiring skills, I create YouTube videos and stream on Twitch for fun and spend a great deal of time wrangling my mini zoo of 1 dog, 4 cats, and a gecko.

I am based in Richmond, VA and can be reached at gretchenmckenneyphoto (at) gmail (dot) com.